Faust in Vienna_21.10.2008

Faust in Vienna or how my bad luck turned into a perfect evening

Everything started in May when I saw that they'll sing together in Faust, in Vienna. From Bucharest to Vienna it's only 1 hour and half by plane, so I bought the flight tickets for me and my friend. Later on, in September, I bought the tickets for 17.10. I didn't enter the waiting list for the premiere because I was afraid the demand for tickets would be greater than the number of tickets available. the other performance was during the week so I couldn't leave the office.

We arrived in Vienna on Friday, the day of the concert and we went to pick up the tickets from the box office. It was the moment of the disaster. It is well known that the pink/yellow/ whatever color paper on the bilboard is bad sign. Indeed, Angela didn't sing that evening. I almost started to cry. After waiting for 5months...

But we had the tickets so in the evening we went to the opera. And it started. Roberto was great. but there was something missing. then in the second act Margueritte entered the stage. something was still missing. The missing part was actually at home, sick...Before the entrace I made up my mind. I'll stay in Vienna no matter what. I had to see the my 2 favourite opera singers together, on stage. With that idea in mind I enjoyed the other acts. That part, after Valentin's death, where the choire sings in piano as if they aren't on the stage was incredible. It ended in the best way possible. The audience was pleased and they cheered for about 15 minutes. I went backstage and after wating for about half and hour Roberto came. I heard that he speaks Romanian but I wasn't sure so I gave it a try. Indeed, very good Romanian. Afterall, Italian and French are very similar with my language. I dared to ask him how Angela is doing. He said she's fine and will come to the next performance. This was the decisive touch. I had to stay.

So I stayed. But my poor friend had to go back home. I accompanied her to the airport on Sunday afternoon. I was supposed to get back to the hotel, but I couldn't resist and went back to the Opera to see if there is something new about the show next day. I got close to the store next to the backstage door. One lady inside was putting the new bilboard. Guess what. She had a pink paper in her hand. Agaaaaaaaaaain the piiiiink paper. That was too much for me. I left imediately. I went around the Opera House to calm down then I returned to the window. The pink paper was actually announcing another replacement. Now I was sure I'll them on stage, on Monday evening. I needed some internet connection to check about the tickets. On my journey around the Opera House I had seen on that door(for the standing tickets) that there are no more tickets of that kind available. So I rushed into the first McDonald's I found on my way. The have free internet connection. and I bought another ticket.

It seemed one week between Sunday evening and Monday evening. I was so nervous and anctions that I got there a little after 6pm. At 7pm sharp it started. And she finally came on stage. That "something" from the other evening was now in front of my eyes. You'll think I'm subjective. Well, a little bit. But her presence changed a lot the way the opera sounded. there were also some small changes in the way they moved and touched on the stage. Roberto's movements were so natural around her. the last act left me in tears. So powerful. I couldn't have asked for more. No comments about the orchstra and choire. They did their job perfectly.

And again, backstage. they came toghether and started singin posters, photos, booklets... more than an hour. Listenint to the conversation I realized that everybody was saying the same thing. How extraordinary they were. I think they heard the same words a million times. posters, photos, booklets... I got inside after a while. What was I supposed to say? I said thank you for coming to Vienna. Thank you for doing this. In Romanian, which made them both to pay attention. Looked at me and smiled. That was the end of my perfect evening in Vienna. They left holding hands, with 3 other friends. Just like regular people do after they leave the office knowing what a great job they did again.

I promised myself I'll do my best to go see them again. It's something to remember for a lifetime.

So this was my little story. I'm sure each of you had a similar experience once or several times. There are some photos I took below.

Still to come:
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20.06.2009 - Berlin - Tosca - Angela Gheorghiu, Neil Schicoff. Emmanuel Villaume conducting

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