Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona_01.02.2011

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Even if I attended Anna Bolena two nights before, I wanted to take the tour. Just to have time to enjoy the opera house without all that crowd and to find out more things about it. The entrance fee for the guided tour is 9 euro/person and the tours lasts for about 1 hour and 15 minuts.
I expected to go backstage too, but no chance. Only the corridors and the venue. But the story remains interesting. The opera burned out in 1999. They got the money from everybody willing to help and they rebuilt it about 4 years.
Beautiful venue they have there. Be careful where you buy tickets. There are many seats on the third row on the side at second, third, fourth and fifth story that have less than 10% or no visibility. But they thought of helping those sitting there, so if you get one of those seats you'll find a small screen so you'll see everything what's on stage.
No comments about the accoustics. It's brilliant everywhere in the venue.
The Mirrors room

The foyer
Names of those who helped LiceuAmong others Placido Domingo, Victoria de los Angeles, Maria Baio, Rockwell Blake, Luciano PavarottiAnd the Auditorium. Great, great, great!


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