National Opera Bucharest
Turandot - Silvia Sorina Munteanu
Calaf - Efe Kislali
Liu - Crina Zancu
Altoum - Florin Diaconescu
Timur - Marius Boloş
Ping - Florin Simionca
Pang - Cristian Mogoşan
Pong - Valentin Racoveanu
Mandarin - Ion Dimieru
Orchestra and chorus of the National Opera Bucharest

Conductor - Tiberiu Soare
Chorus conductor - Stelian Olariu
This was Turandot. A semi staged version, the last production of this season. There'll be only one other performance besides this one, tomorrow, June 27th. The chorus was on the stage all the time, sitting. The characters didn't move too much on stage. But what they did was suggestive. And the lighting helped a lot. Some of them used the scores, some other (Silvia Sorina Munteanu and Efe Kislali) didn't. Mrs Munteanu has a great, big, touching voice! The same for Mrs Zancu who portrayed Liu. I expected a more confident Nessun Dorma from Mr Kislali, but... his voice trambled here and there.
A+ for the chorus. They managed to give us some very special moments. Too bad that the orchestra went SOOOOO loud in the most sensitive parts where the voices should have been heard. I still have a problem with the horns and trombons :(


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