Macbeth-Bucharest National Opera-Boris Starsenko-Silvia Sorina Munteanu-Marius Manea-Iurie Florea-01.11.2009

Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi
Lady Macbeth - Silvia Sorina Munteanu
Banco - Horia Sandu
Macduff - Marius Manea
Malcolm - Liviu Indricau
Lady in waiting - Antonela Barnat
The doctor - Ştefan Schuller
Orchestra and chorus of the Bucharest National Opera
Conductor Iurie Florea
......As it was an event, I couldn't miss it. This performace was part of the International Theatre Festival that takes place in Bucharest every year. Because it was a special occasion, Mr Statsenko was invited to perform the part of Macbeth. This was my first live Macbeth and I'm glad that I saw it with this cast here. Sorina Munteanu has a big voice and I'm sure she can do even better than the other night. Marius Manea was good too, only that he wated to show us what he can do during "O figli, o figli miei!...Ah, la paterna mano". A little bit too loud and rushed. Boris Statsenko was brillian, not only because of the voice but also because of acting. Very touching his rendition of "Pietà, rispetto, amore".
......Evey time I go to the BNO I wish the orchestra is in good shape. Even if I'm just an amateur, I can't help hearing the violins not playing together, the trumpet going forte when the singer is in piano and many other small things. Maybe some more practice would do them good. Even if they play this opera often this doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.
.....There were some strange/modern sets, a "room" that matched the crown, white, red and black costumes, some blonde wigs worn by men, some hesitating and almost hilarious sword fightingand a lot of ketchup... sorry.. blood.

Sorina Munteanu and Boris Statsenko

Marius Manea

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