Spring in Berlin - 01.05.2009

......This is my first time in Berlin, Germany. The purpose was cultural. But I liked the city very, very much.
......I arrived on Tegel Airport, with a Blue Air flight from Bucharest. From the airport to the city there are several busses, like 128, 109, TXL, dependin on where you want to do. Some of them go to Zoo, others to Alexanderplaz. One way ticket is 2.10 euro. expensive. It's the same price for all single tickets for public transportation. But there is a one day pass for 6,20 euro. Only that it's not available for 24 hours. Just untill 3am the next morning. There are other passes, for 3 days, but I didn't need any.
......Public transportation is very good. Besides metro there is a fast train. be careful, it's not that easy to go around the city. Take a map and pay attention! it took me more than one hour to get from the airport to the hostel, located two metro stations away from Alexanderplatz.
......There are lots of hotels and hostels in Berlin. I needed something cheap. And I chose All In Hostel. Clean and cheap. And very well located if you're landing on Schonefeld Airport. From Tegel it takes you a while to get there. But it's not complicated.
......So let the visit begin. There are so many things to see. We only had one full day. A beautiful day. May 1st. Many people on the streets celebrating Labour Day, as you'll see.

......Berlin TV Tower. When I visit a city I like to see it from above. So I look for high spots. This was the one for Berlin. Entrance fee: 10 euro. Expect a long queue. The good thing is that there is a screen that at show the numbers for entrance. You have a number on the ticket so you know when to go up. While waiting, have a coffee at Starbucks (about 3-4 euro) or a wurst (2,5-3 euro). Nothing much to do up there. Just the view. Great view. Both East and West Berlin. The Park, the Cathedral, the Parlament, even the Gate.


Pictures of the towers in the world. I visited some of them. such as Macau Tower, Auckaland Tower...
Empire State Building...
Sydney Tower...
Views from the top - Spree River

You can see the park here. It's huge. Tiergarten. At the closer end there is the Brandenburg Gate.
This is the Beliner Dome. huge and beautiful. with entrance fee. 5 euro.
Again St Mary Church. View from above.

City Hall
City Hall - close up
St. Mary Church, right next to the Tower and Neptune Fountain Neptune Fountain and the Berliner Dom cupola Detail of the Neptune statue

There is a ring on the globe that seems to be made of mirrors. It's the observation point. The wurst man. They are everywhere. 2 to 4 euro, depending on what you have. Even if you're not hungry you buy one. Because on the streets all the people are either eating or drinking.
Bell tower and Tv tower
Inside St Mary's church

Berliner Dome
Art Museum. But I'm not absolutely sure. Sorry.

Staatsoper Berlin
The History Museum. In Berlin most of the museum are gathered in what they call Museumsinsel. The island of the musums.
Humboldt University

Brandemburg Gate

Reichstag - The German Parliament. it can be visited but there was a looong queue

May 1st celebration on Strasse des 17 Juni

A monument dedicated to the Russian soldier

Picnic in Tiegarter. Right in the middle of the city. Barbacue, beer, wine... but it's silence. No loud music. Which is perfect.
Bellevue Palace

Berlin Victory Column

Brandemburg Gate by night

After that we went to the Deutsche Opera to see Traviata. The story is here

It was a wonderful experience. It's a great city and I have seen everything. I have to go back. Soon.

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