Angela Gheorghiu in Bucharest - The Concert - 27.06.2009

......Of all the posts here, this is the most difficult so far. How should I put in words an overwhelming feeling?
......Let's put it like this. Imagine that you want something very, very much. And you'd do a lot of thigs to be able to go seeing that "something". And then suddenly, it's in front of your eyes. That "something" for me is Angela Gheorghiu.
......I was not sure she'll come to Bucharest. But she showed up at the press conference on Thursday and then I knew. The show was on Saturday. Fete de la Musique, with 1 week delay. No sleep/no eat before the concert. I was extremely nervous. I gave up my seat in the hall for the first step in front of the stage. Even if for many people this sounds unusual, here it's possible and nobody asks you why you don't sit in a chair. What would she wear? What would she sing?
.....Some pictures and videos follow. Don't think that I spent all the time taking pictures. Oh, no. Not for a moment. The camera took the pictures almost by itself. Don't forget that I was seating on stairs. And had my knees as support for the camera. So, enjoy. With all my love.

......The set was basic and yet so meaningful. The piano, chairs for the guests and candles.
Gabriel Croitoru and Dan Grigore
Johnny Raducanu

......Mihai Ungureanu and Dan Grigore (the faces were not very clear because of the strange lights on stage so you have to trust me it's them)

......The concert started and it was an incredible long wait till she first came on stage, wearing a beautiful blue dress. She sung two Romanian songs, by Tiberiu Brediceanu. Vai, badita, dragi ne-avem and Dragu-mi-i, mandro, de tine. I read in many interviews that she's very nervous before a concert. And she really is. All the muscles were contracted. The legs, the hands and she was trying to control the breathing when she knew she had to start. Looking somewhere up, above our heads, she took a deep breath and started that beautiful Romanian song. The beginning was difficult. The rest came out so natural. She's really amazing. After seeing this I realize the stress of an artist before the concert/opera. It's killing them slowly. But I guess this is the right state of mind. Concentration and then pure pleasure.

This is one of my favourite pictures.

......The intermission was short. And I saw on the piano the pile of scores. At least 4 of them. After Dan Grigore played some more pieces, Angela came back. After all, she was the main guests. Two more songs followed. A lied in German and Elegie by Massenet. Piano, violin and Angela's voice created a magic atmosphere.

Judge for yourselves

Horatiu Malaele

Victor Rebengiuc

......And here she comes again. Another dress, two more songs. I'm still in front of her, on the first step. Such a beautiful dress. There was a certain sound when she came in. And she knew that. So, two more songs. Les filles de Cadix and I would have danced all night. And Dan Grigore played very well, paying attention to her gestures. She conducted him by raising her hands or slightly turning her head towards him.

Les Filles de Cadix

I Could Have Danced All night

.....I can't make too many comments. I was under a spell. She was, she is amazing.

.....All the artists involved in the show. From left to right: Ion caramitru, Johnny Raducanu, Radu Beligan, Angela Gheorghiu, Victor Rebengiuc, Horatiu Malaele and Dan Grigore.

..... She received flowers from the audiece and it was nice of her to share with the rest of the artists.

......But there was something missing to turn a perfect evening into a fabulous one. Something from an opera. Something profound and touching. She said "something from Puccini"... and Dan Grigore said he didn't know the score, but will improvise. I thought it could be Un Bel Di. But no. It was Vissi D'Arte. The first notes killed me. Who would have thought? If you read my previous posts then you know that I traveled to Berlin to listen to this particular aria. But she cancelled. And now she was there... singing Vissi D'arte. It was like all of a sudden I was alone in the hall and she sung it only for me. I realized that I start d breathing slower than usual, that I had tears in my eyes. It's the first time I have this feeling in a concert hall. And how beautiful it is. 3 minutes of pure joy. In the end she had tears in her eyes. It's the first time I see her like this.

Vissi D'arte

......The concert was over but it took me a while to start breathing normally. We all gathered. And decided to go backstage. We hesitated a while but there was nobody there to ask us what we were doing there.

......There were a lot of people there, including Angela's daughter Ioana and her mother. All the artists, some friends and some fans. I'm not that daring when it comes to speaking to people I admire most. But there was somebody there who supported me all the time. You know who you are, so big thank you! For the first time I was able to look her in the eyes and say thank you for singing so beautifully.

......She signed booklets and posters, had pictures taken with everybody. Don't trust those comments that say she acts like a diva. She's like this on stage and that suits her sooo well. But if you get to talk to her she's very sweet and gentle. We all knew she's tired, she's only one and we're so many. But she took care of everyone.

The previous two pictures were taken by Flaviu. Thanks a lot!

Angela and Dan Grigore

Here with Ioana Dan, Ion Marin and her mother
Angela with Victor Rebengiuc

I saved the best for last. Here we are, the merry group.

......Thank you, Angela. We'll be in Munchen, waiting for another beautiful evening.

......I dedicate all these pictures to people around the world who love Angela and what she's doing. And especially to thouse people who were there with me.

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  1. Draga Irina,
    Iti multumesc mult pentru fotografiile frumoase...te-am recunoscut la concert, am fost foarte aproape de tine. A fost un eveniment unic, greu de exprimat in cuvinte... Si eu sunt un mare fan al Angelei. O ascult in fiecare zi...e balsamul sufletului meu. Indraznesc sa te rog, daca se poate, sa accesez si eu filmuletele.
    Inca o data mii de multumiri!
    Ruxandra Neaga

  2. Toate filmuletele pot fi vazute acum. Am rezolvat problema tehnica.
    Multumesc pentru aprecieri. Mi-ar fi placut sa ne cunoastem. Data viitoare daca ma vedeti sper sa schimbam cateva pareri.

  3. Really enjoyed your post and all the great pictures and video. I am hoping to see Angela perform live here at the Met next season when she does Carmen and Traviata. Went to NYC to see her do La Rondine last February but she cancelled. Very disappointed, of course! (The live telecast was wonderful, however.)
    She is a great artist.

  4. Hi Linda. I'm coming to NYC to see her next spring. Traviata and Carmen, as you said. at least this is the plan so far.
    And yes, the telecast was absolutely great!
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi Irina,
    Thanks for this excellent report and the great photos and video.You obviously had an unforgettable evening - your enthusiasm was such that I almost felt as if I was there with you!
    I have never had the pleasure of seeing the lovely Angela in a live performance but I hope to do so before too long.
    I was due to see my other favourite soprano, the lovely Anna Netrebko, in concert in London last May but sadly she cancelled just 24 hours before as she was unwell.Tremendous disappointment - and another live performance I have yet to enjoy.

  6. Hi Brian. Thanks for the comment.
    Angela is great, indeed. Hope you'll see her someday live on stage.

    Sorry for Anna. I saw her in Traviata in Vienna. She's very good too. I'll see her again, hopefully, in October in Paris.

  7. Hi Irina,
    I'm planning on trying to get tickets to the Saturday matinee performance on January 16th for Carmen. That will be a live broadcast so I have a feeling she will be there for sure!

  8. Hi Linda

    I know about that live broadast. I have ticket for the theatre it will be broadcasted in. I'll come to New York for Carmen on May 1st. Leave me an email. We could talk more about this.