Sarah Brightman - Concert in Tampa, FL - 16.11.2008

......For Sarah's fans this was the event of the year after the release of Symphony and Winter Symphony albums. It started in Monterrey, Mexico, on November 4th 2008 and so far only the North American leg ended. In March and April 2009 the tours continues in Asia and hopefully this year she'll come to Europe too.
......But till I get to see her live somewhere in Europe, here you have some pictures that my friend Veronica took (BIG THANK YOU!).
......Location: St Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Florida, United States.
......Date: November 16th 2008

"Instrumental version of Sanvean"
"Gothica / Fleur du mal"
"Let it rain"
"Instrumental Forbidden Colours"
"What a wonderful world"
"Dust in the wind"
"Nella Fantasia"
"Hijo de la luna"
"La luna"
"Anytime, anywhere"
"Storia D´Amore"
"Canto della terra" with Alessandro Safina
"POTO" with Alessandro Safina
"Sarai Qui" with Alessandro Safina


"You take my breath away"
"I have been this way before"
"Red riding hood rap"
"First of may"
"I believe in Father Christmas"
"Pasion" with Fernando Lima
"Time to say goodbye"
"Deliver me"

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