Vienna_Music and beauty_04.05.2009

.....This is my fifth time in Vienna and I'll come back anytime. It's almost the perfect city. Nice, calm people, rich cultural life. If I could I would move here permanently. But I can so I'm happy that Sky Europe exists and if you buy the ticket at the right time it can cost only 40-49 euro/roundtrip with taxes included. Also the transportation in town is cheap. A 3 day pass is 13 euro.
......As accommodation I use the best hostel in town Wombat Lounge. It's close to Westbanhof. You can choose between double/twin rooms and dormitories, all of them with bathroom ensuite. It's clean and safe. And it's no more than 29 euro/night. Less in dorms. Highly reccommand.

......As it's not the first visit I only took photos of some spots. You'll see the other attractions in other posts dedicated to Vienna. The city of music.

......Kunst Haus is something I've never seen before. Hundertwasser built it in 1991. It's strange but if you get used to the idea you could actually like it.

Detail of one of the balconies

This is a great building, both inside and outside. It's Karlskirche. Very close to Musikverein.
The statue of Johannes Brahms

Detail of the church

Inside Karlskirche

The ceiling

Prater. The big wheel
I took the ride. It's on Top 10 things to do in Vienna. It's only 8 euro/person and from up there you can see the whole city. The ride takes about half an hour.
The other rides in Prater

Another stop on our visit in Vienna. Danube Tower.

Thouse of you who are not on my blog for the first time probably know that I like taking pictures of flowers. All these flowers were in the park surrounding the Tower.

The view from the tower

The Ernst Happel stadium
Panoramic view

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