Great Reef Barier - Cairns - November 2008

......I guess you could call this the adventure of my life. So far. It's difficult to put in words this experience. After tens of hours of flights I got to meet Nemo. Above the water everything is blue. But down there... you'll see in the pictures.
......A few words about how you can get there. how I got there. A morning flight from Sydney with Virgin Blue. Landed on Cairns airport. I booked a room in Caravelle Hostel, very well located close to city center. It's a clean and safe hostel where for the first time in my experience with hostels we got a free dinner. nice of them to do this. After I landed I called them from the airport for directions. And they were kind enough to send a car to pick us up.
......After checking in I asked the girl there about the possibilities of snorkeling. She suggest something she called "the best one". And it was the best one indeed. It's a company called Quick Silver. The tour started in Port Douglas, a town close to Cairns. In the morning we were picked up from the hostel and transfered to Port Douglas, at the harbor. On board, after the counting session (we were about 50 people on the boat), we were given welcome tea and coffee. And the equipment for snorkeling and diving.
......There were 3 snorkeling/diving spots and at the last one there was a "guided tour". One of the boys on the boat took us to see the school fish. Just enjoy the pictures. I don't know how to swim. I'm afraid of water if I can't touch the bottom with my feet. never used the snorkeling equipement. But I was there. With the ocean around me. So I grabbed a life vest and jumped in.
......Oh, the trip costed almost 200 Australian Dollars, with transfer, equipment, snaks and lunch included. I also rented the camera in order to be able to take underwater pictures. For 40 Australian Dollars you get the camera and then they put the pictures on a dvd for you. It was difficult to take pictures because of the movement of the water. I had to be careful not to get too far away from the boat. The current is strong. There were areas were you can touch the reef but also places where the bottom of the sea is down there, 10-15 meters under me.

......And now, ladies and gentleman, here's The Great Reef Barier!

Here's Nemo!!!

Me. I see you!!! Stop laughing!!!

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