Radu Lupu-London Symphony Orchestra-Colin Davis-Barbican-London-04.10.2009

Mozart Symphony No 34, K338
Mozart Piano Concerto No 20, K466
Nielsen Symphony No 5
London Symphony Orchestra
Sr Colin Davis conductor
Radu Lupu piano
Mozart’s 1780 symphony was written just before leaving his home town of Salzburg, and has a celebratory energy – it opens with a fanfare and ends with a jig. His dramatic Piano Concerto (1785), in contrast, is darkly romantic, even tragic. No wonder it was Beethoven’s favourite concerto. Nielsen described his Fifth Symphony – unusually, in only two movements – as exploring ‘the division of dark and light, the battle between evil and good. (barbican.co.uk)
He's Romanian and I couldn't be prouder!
Barbican - outside

And inside

Beautiful venue and very good acoustics

Plenty of space on the stage

Sir Colin Davis, Radu Lupu and LSO

Sir Colin Davis

Listen to this: Radu Lupu and Murray Perahia play W. A. Mozart - Sonata for 2 Pianos KV 448 - II mov - Andante

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  1. You remembered me a concert to Palace Hall in Bucharest 40 years ago: Radu Lupu playing the 3rd Concert for piano by Beethoven. It has been a special event with young winners to international contests. I have seen also Marina Krilovici singing the Desdemona's aria ("Salce ..."). These are nice remembrances from my youth !

  2. I saw him in Bucharest in 2004 during the "Arts Festival". But I don't remember what he played. Because of that memory I bought the ticket to listen to him again at the Barbican.

  3. Sal'tare! Si eu am fost la concertul din 2004, cred ca a cintat Beethoven. Tin minte ca era foarte nervos, parca a si reluat primele 20 de secunde , am fost sigura ca n-am sa-l mai vad la Bucuresti.

  4. Just two days earlier I was in Brighton to see him playing solo Schubert, Beethoven and Janacek... and it was great! Well, I'm envious you saw him with a nice orchestra. Perhaps you are too because I got to listen to him solo... which has a different feel :) He was especiallu great in Schubert's Sonata D959.