Irina Muresanu_Jin Wang_Radio Hall Bucharest_14.05.2010

Soloist IRINA MURESANU - violin

M.Musorgski - Night on bald mountain
P.I.Ceaikovski - Concert for violin and orchestra, op.35
A.Scriabin - Symphony #4, op.54
A.Borodin - Plovdian dances from Prince Igor
Radio Orchestra
Conductor JIN WANG
I haven't heard live this beautiful concert for a while. There is a recent movie that has it as soundtrack and the whole story is connected to the piece itself and the people who play it. Le Concert by Radu Mihaileanu. It was also screed at the Cannes Festival this year.
I enjoyed the concert tonight. I would have expected.. more stamina, more passion than it was given on stage. But all in all it was ok. I was really surprised by the orchestra. They seemed alive, interested in what they're playing. Lately this is a rare thing here. I knew Jin Wang can do miracles. He's really good and he does the same kind of miracle when he conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Athenaeum. They too seem to forget that music is not only a job, but art. But this is another topic.
Irina Muresanu

She gave an encore, dedicated to the memory of the Romanian violonist Stefan Gheorghiu
Jin Wang and Radio Orchestra at the Radio Hall in Bucharest

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