U2 in Milan_07.07.2009

......And the U2 day came. The long waited U2 day. July 7th 2009, Milan, San Siro Stadium. I bought the tickets in March, on the first day of the fan presale. It was madness. I wanted to go very, very much. Those who read this blog know that I’m a big fan of opera and classical music. But at the same time I love going to concerts. Pop and some soft rock. U2 are great. The best right now. I missed their Vertigo Tour back in 2006 and I promised myself I won’t miss this one.
......So I went. First of all, the stage is incredible. Sort of UFO or cactus flower, as Bono said at the beginning. See the pictures below. I had a standing ticket. For me is either standing in front of the stage or nothing. Only in front of the stage you can really feel the concert. Everybody knows the lyrics, they are happy to be there, they’re part of the concert. They create the atmosphere.
......I got to the stadium at about 4pm. Actually it was before 4pm. For those who go there for the first time, take the Metro Line 1 to Milano Fiera and get off at Lotto. There’s about 1km walking to the stadium. For the way back, take the same metro to Duomo. I stayed close to Republica Square, at Ibis. Keep in mind that the last train on Line 3 from Duomo to Republica leaves at 12:30am. Don’t miss it!
......Ok, back to the concert. So, 4pm. Either gate 4 ot gate 10 according to the ticket.We chose gate 10. in 30 minutes we got in. Run as the other people. Is part of the joy of being at the concert. You run to get the best place possible. We knew from my colleagues that you can get in the ring surrounding the stage on a certain side of the stage so we went there. There were a lot of people, most of them sitting. We only got near the bridge (see the pictures). But slowly we managed to move a little bit to the centre. Then we got the right moment and sat down. Two hours later when a lot of people that bought/drank beer wanted to go “somewhere”, I got the rigt moment and moved. And I got very, very close to the center of the stage. Right in front of Edge. That was a very good spot. Perfect, I would say.
......Snow Patrol opened the evening. They started at 7:30pm and sung for about 45-50 minutes. Then another break for the crew to prepare the stage. A lot of work to do. Instruments, lights, the removed all the tents, got the mics, and so on. On each “leg” of the stage there were 3 people managing some lights. We knew the show was about to begin when they were all in position. And them a man from the crew came on the stage and put the setlist for Bono, on the floor, next to the mic. It was almost dark. At about 9:30pm the show started.

......San Siro was full. I say about 80.000 – 85.000 people. And they all started to sing with Bono. That is incredible. The sound of a stadium can’t be compared to anything. And can’t be described. Just close your eyes and imagine all the crowd singing “and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for….”. Simply amazing. It’s a special feeling that you can only get if you’re there.
......He sung some songs from the new album like Get on You Boots, Breath, Magnificent but also their well known songs, Beautiful Day, One, Where the Streets Have no Name, In the Name of Love, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For… and so on. And the people around me knew all the lyrics.
......The big screen was round, like an oval above our heads. This was new. So far I’ve seen only regular screens, on the sides of the stage. But then again, this was not a regular stage.
......There was a special moment, homage to Jacko. Michael Jackson. There was a song “Angel of Harlem”, followed by Jako’s “Mirror”. Everybody sung. It was great. And very nice of Bono doing that. All the artists did this in the past week. Fan or not, he’s a legend.
......It was his daughter’s birthday on this evening. And he got her on stage. Well, this is what I call a nice present. On stage with your father for whom a stadium gathered… He asked us to sing happy birthday for her. So we did. 85000 people singing Happy Birthday to you. Isn’t that amazing? I get goose bumps even now.
......Bono is very involved with human causes. He fights for people in Africa, for their right of a good life. In each concert he mentions that. Last night too.
......I loved evey minute of the concert, there, in front of Bono, Edge and Co. COuldn’t ask for more. So many people have waited for this your for 3 years or so. And they gave the best.

......Couldn’t take too many pictures. Actually didn’t want to. I wanted to enjoy the music as much as I could. There were people that took pictures all the time. Bothering those around them. If you go to concert keep in mind that if you’re bothered by those in front of you who take pictures all the time, then the moment you’ll raise your hands to take pictures you block other people’s vision too. Don’t do that. Just enjoy the concert.

......On the way back we got again Line 1 to Duomo and from there Line 3 to Republica (last train at 12:30am). Back to the hotel. But my mind was still at the concert. Always beautiful things end too soon. The lyrics of “One” keep coming to my mind…..

......Thanks Bono. Thanks U2. You’re great. I’m already waiting for the next tour.

San Siro, on the outside

A very loooong line waiting for the opening of the gates


How many feet can you see?

Snow Patrol

Here they go!

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