My Black Sea

......I was lucky enough to be born in a city by the sea. COnstanta. So now, even if I live in Bucharest, each time I feel like seeing the sea I got in the car and drive to the seaside. It’s almost 4 hour drive from Bucharest, depending on the traffic.
......I chose this day randomly. Next week there’s a boat competition in Mamaia, one of the resorts at the Black Sea, very close to the city. So it’s normally very crowded. It proved to be a very good choice. My father worked in the Navy. Now he’s retired but he kept in touch with his former colleagues. Some time in the past he also teached at the Navy Institute. This week one particular class of students celebrated 35 years from graduation. And they organized a reunion which included a meeting on Saturday afternoon, a party on a boat on Saturday evening and a 3 hour cruise on the Black Sea on Sunday morning. Memebers of the family were invited so I took this opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day on the sea.
......It’s not the first time I go on short cruises. There were different kind of ships, from big ones like ferries to small ones on the Danube. This ship is not for public cruises. Its reserved to members of the Navy and their special events. As this was a special event, somebody got permission to use it. IT was waiting for us in a pecial part of the harbor, for Navy ships only. You’ll see in the next pictures part of the Navy fleet, two big ships in particular, named King Fredinand and Queen Mary. Big and fully equipped for battle. They’re pretty impressive.
......We left the harbor at 10am. From the docks to the exit of the harbor it’s long way. This harbor is for Navy ships, cruise ships (not too many and only in the summer), commercial ships and it’s also a shipyard. The exist of the harbor is marked by two small lighthouses. A green one on the left (as you exit) and a red one on your right, coming from the same direction. They’re present anywhere in the world. Speaking of lighthouses, there are two very tall ones close to the harbor. One in Constanta and one in Mangalia. What I found amazing about lighthouses is that even if there are hundreds of them around the world, each of them has a different signal. All the ships have a sort of atlas of the lighthouses where these signals are listed. So seeing a particular signal they know where they are, how far the land is and where the entrance of the harbor is. You might ask “what if it’s a storm, or fog”. I don’t know the full explanation, but te lighthouses also have a sound. A very powerful one.
......Going back to the cruise. Sun, waves, blue sea. By the way, the Black Sea is not black. It’s blue or green in summer and blue or grey in winter. But those who first discovered it came here during a storm and it seemed black. I love the Black Sea. Especially in winter. Being raised here I had the opportunity to see it in every season. And winter is its best season. It’s crystal blue with white foam. The beach is deserted, it’s only mine. Perfect feeling. You should try someday.
......And again back to the cruise.. sorry, but I keep remembering things. I also saw some dolphins. Very shy ones. They didn’t get close to the ship. After lunch we went back. In total, the cruise lasted almost 3 hours. It was a very nice way of spending a summer Sunday morning.
The Romanian flag
The shipyard

Navy uniform.
One of the largest ships the Navy has. Queen Mary

Automatic guns

A submarine. The only one the Navy has. "The Dolphin"

The red lighthouse
And the green lighthouse

There are only two cabins on this small ship. They both look the same.

Ya. Me :)

The name of the ship is "Egreta". Built between 1983 and 1985. And launched to water in 1985
Back to the harbor

This building is very close to the harbor. It's called "Casino". It used to be a casino, now it's a restaurant.

Hope you liked my Black (Blue/Green) Sea!

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