Hong Kong-Night Market on Temple Street-29.12.2009

......The Night Market on Temple Street is listed in any travel guide. So it's a must-see. It's colorful, noisy, crowded, smelly, but it's fun. It's good for souvenir shopping. It opens at 7pm and closes after midnight. A trip here has two sections: shopping and then dinner. About dinner, don't expect to find here fancy restaurants. Oh, no. You eat here only if you enjoy seafood and ONLY IF you're not a hygiene freak. It's better not to know how the kitchen looks like or if the cook washed his hands before preparing your shrimps. Don't think too much. Just enjoy the dinner. It's rather cheap. 4 to 10 euro for a large portion of anything.
......Clothes, slippers, dolls, toys, fake watches (called Lolex here), fake bags, fake Ipods, fake sunglasses... well, almost everything is fake. Don't pay the first price the sellers ask for. Before telling you the price, they look at you. if you're a tourist, the starting price is triple.

And now, food. These are alive. You can choose the animal you want to eat.
Oysters, snails, lobsters and other living beings...

......This is what I call "safe Chinese food". meaning noodles with vegetables. And some traces of chicken.

And the local beer - Haizu. Lighter than the European beer and in a bigger bottle (650ml)
Spicy souce for oysters and shrimps

......Oysters in a strage souce... with some transparent rice noodles... huh. not for me. My stomach said NO.

Noodles. These are boiled. The other ones were fired.

......And many other similar dishes. But pictures don't tell too much. You have to be there and try. Besides the aspect there's also the smell.
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