Hong Kong - China

......I saw so many things that I have to show you everything, step by step. I'll just point out some ideas.

......Amazing city. More than 7 milion people living on a relatively small piece of land. In fact, several small pieces. Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island, which are the biggest, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Teritories, at the border with China.
......There are both British and Chinese influences and this particular mixture makes this city special. You can find here whatever you want. From piece of mind in a temple to shopping rush in one of the hundreds of malls and markets.

......Points of interest:
1. Symphony of Lights - every night at 8pm, at Tsin Sha Tsui. A lot of the building on Hong Kong island are lit up and all those colorful lights "dance".

2. Victoria Harbor - you can choose between just waelking on the esplanade looking at the boats or taking a cruise. Or you can cross it on one or the Star Ferries. The crossing takes about 5 minutes and it's actually very cheap. Only 2 HK dollars on the upper deck or 1,7 HK dollars on the lower deck.

3. Victoria Peak - the highest point in the city. You can get there by public transportation or by the legendary Tram (Peak Tram), established back in 1888. the view from there is breahtaking, both during the night and the day.

4. Hong Kong Island - a lot of feng shui built office buildings and hotels, fancy shopping malls (sort of "museums") and regular shopping malls where you can buy good products at reasonable prices. there are also a lot of side streets with open air markets that sell from food to buttons.

5. Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island - an oasis of silence and beauty. It's dominated by the 26m high statue of Budha. The cable car ride up there takes about 20-25 minutes and during the ride you can admire the famous Hong Kong International Airport, built on an artificial island.

6. The Subway is by itself a touristic attraction. The longest trains I've ever seen. There are so many people but it's so aboslutely clean. The trains come at 2-3 mintes and there's no pushing to get inside. There are older and newer lines, some of them going to Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and up north, to the New Teritories. It's a fast way to cross the Victoria Harbor, but it's more expensive than the ferry. almost 8HK$ compared to 2HK$ by ferry.

......And then it was something that I found very funny. As mentioned we spent the New Years Eve there. and the main attraction there are the fireworks and the lights both in Kowloon and Hong Kong. So all 7 milion people normally go on the promedade to watch. How do the get there? You're right. By subway... So, the authorities thought of using "crowd management control plan".

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