Brian Adams_Zenith Paris_22.09.2008

Madonna and Brian Adams, both in town at the same time. I couldn't miss it.

After seeing Madonna on 20.09 I went to see Brian two days later. The concert was totally different from Madonna's. Smaller crowd, more familiar songs. But I won't compare them. There's no point.

It's a ( very ) small Zénith Hall ( 3500 capacity ) and it's far from being full , the concert was originally at the Olympia and has been moved. Lots of empty seats in the back and lots of spaces in the pit so we could sneak in easily down the front .Lots of young girls and very cool atmosphere in the audience ( they all know the lyrics to every songs ) and on stage. The band is having fun and it's communicative. Nice stage, lots of light, 2 big screens on the sides and in the back .

Can't Stop Loving You
Please Forgive Me
Best of Me
Hears on Fire
18 Till I Die
Night to Remember
Back to You
Everything I Do
Baby When You're Gone
Only Love
Only Thing
Cloud 9
She's Got a Way
Run to You
All for Love

He played all his famous songs. This small tour was a sort of "best of" tour. He wasn't promoting any new album.

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