Sting in Bucharest_10.02.2009

Gordon Sumner Sting, one of the most famous musicians, and Edin Karamazov, the lute virtuoso, were guests in Bucharest.

"People are almost frightened of classical music. They observe it as something from a museum, but it can actually be quite live." This is the best way to describe the concert last night. More than 4000 people bought all the tickets in less than 1 day. I bet most of them came there without knowing what they were about to listen, without actually knowing that Sting is promoting his latest album "Songs From the Labyrinth". And they had a huge surprise at the beginning. But the artist was prepared. he also performed the songs we were all familiar with, such as Fragile, Fields of Gold, Message in a Bottle or Roxanne.

This album is Sting's personal tribute to late 16th-century Elizabethan composer, John Dowland (1563-1626). In fact, more than half of the concert is the story told in songs and verses. Quite original, I may say, considering the trends nowadays.

In different interviews Sting is explaining his new stile. Talking about differences between rock and roll and classical music, he said: "Rock music is quite simple. Great, but simple. If you learn three or four chords, you will be able to play. It is completely fine, but at this time of my life, I am looking for something more complex, which would engage my intellect more. That is the reason why classical music is valuable to me."

Some words should be said about the new look. The reinvented one. On my way out the the Palace Hall last night, a young lady with a video camera bumped into me. And she said "quick interview, please". What could I say? Nothing.. as the strong light of the camera was already hurting my eyes. Among other questions she asked "do you find any difference between how you knew him from TV and what you saw here tonight?". The difference is obvious. The most recent recording is the concert in Petra, in the honor of Luciano Pavarotti. There was a beard there too. But what we saw here was THE BEARD. Sort of Santa Claus with a lute or Tom Hanks in "Cast Away". As he said at the beginning of the concert "and under the beard it's me, Sting".

All in all it was an enjoyable concert. The type of concert where you just sit down, relax and listen. I was prepared to listen to Medieval music and for me it was, again, a night to remember.

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