Paris in Spring - 15.03.2009

......This was the fourth visit in Paris. This city has something special. I'll always go back if I have the chance. There are no words enough to describe this city. It has something for everybody. For sure you have to get there to understand.
......Why Paris. Because it was the only city where I could find tickets to see Tina Turner in concert. I talked about this concert in another post. Comments and photos HERE.
......So, Paris. Saturday, March 14th. The plane landed in Beauvais, 80km away from Paris. The shuttle bus was waiting for us. It's 13 euro/person/one way. The shuttle bus connects the airport with the city. The bus stop is at Porte Maillot, right in front of Palais de Congres, close to La Defense. I took the metro to downtown and my first stop was at Virgin Music Megastore on Champs Elysee, to pick up the tickets for a modern ballet show. Then i went to the hotel to get rid of the bag and then went to meet my friends. We met at Forum les Halles. A beautiful, large square, full of people.

A chuch there, at the Forum. From one side it looks like Notre Dame. But it isn't.

Forum des Halles

The name was funny. I looked up, but there was no "cochon".

Bourse de Commerce
Des bouquiniste
La Seine. Even if it was almost raining, it is still beautiful, reigning the city.
The Eiffel Tour. So controvertial in the beginning and now, the landmark of the Paris.
Pont Neuf

La Conciergerie and Napoleon BridgeNotre Dame de Paris

You can take the bike, use it and leave it someplace else. it's not very expensive. Only a few euros.
Centre George Pompidou
An artist in front of the Centre
...... The next photos were taken inside Galeries Lafaiette. It's a shopping centre in a very beautiful building. It is included in every guide book. It's worth a visit. It's so different from everything you normally find in a shopping centre.

The ceiling in the main hall.

On the ground floor there are parfume stores. Those world known brands.

A picture taken from the third floor

Christian Dior

Opera Garnier. Some years ago I visited it. it's beautiful inside. Red and gold. I promised myself I'll there to see an opera. I might go next year to see Idomeneo, with Anna&Rolando. Maybe...One side of the opera

Place Vendome

Ritz Hotel in Place Vendome
Place Bastille

Opera Bastille. I saw here Werther by Massenet, with Rolando Villazon&Susan Graham performing the title roles . Comments and photos HERE.
I couldn't leave the city without seeing the Tower. Picture taken from the Military Academy

Le Dome des Invalides The Military Academy

......A few words about Moulin Rouge. It has a long tradition and every tourist would like to see the show. It's not that difficult. It's a little bit expensive (100 euro/show and champaigne) but once in a lifetime it's fine. I don't know how many of you got to see a cabaret show. This was not my first one. I remember when I was little my parents took my in 3 places. Two at the seaside (Melody Bar in Mamaia and another one in Neptun) and the third one in Poiana Brasov. It was the same at a smaller scale. Fethers, lights, songs, magicians, beautiful girls.

......The same with Moulin Rouge. When we got there, at 8:30pm there was a long line at the entrace. We had reservation so we got in right away. Big sign at the entrance. NO JEANS, NO PHOTO, NO VIDEO. So, sorry, but you have to trust my words this time. A lot of people inside too. There is a ground floor with tables for those how chose to have dinner before the show. And then some "terraces" in the back of the room, with smaller tables, for those who only bought the show ticket.

......The show started at 9pm. It's called "Feerie". Beautiful girls, same size, same hight, wearing fethers and strings of beads. And super handsome men. There are a few stories told during the show. Moulin Rouge Forever, Sandokan, The Circus, Moulin Rouge from 1900 to.... Dancers, singers, two acrobats, one comic and one juggler. It was fun watching them. I expected to see a band on the stage or near. But the music was recorded. Well, you can't have everything.

......If you're in Paris, go see the show. Moulin Rouge is in Montmarte, right at the Blanche metro station.
This fourth trip was a success. Tina was great, I met Rolando, what else could I want?

You think I had enough of Paris? No way. I'm going back in October.

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