Tina Turner in Paris - 16.03.2009

......This adventure started last August, when the "50th Anniversary Tour" was announced. I bought the ticket to see Tina Turner in Paris on August 18th, 2008. At the same time with the flight ticket. And then... I waited. And waited. Hoping that nothing would change.
......And the moment arrived on March 16th, 2009. In was a sunny day in Paris. After a long day spent in Disneyland we arrived at Paris Bercy. It's a huge sports arena, as you can see in the pictures below. And shortly after 8:30 it was full. No empty seats. everybody curios to listen to Tina Turner.
......And she gave an amazing show. All her famous songs from "We don't need another hero" to "The Best". She's almost 70 but she moved as if she was 50. She danced all the time with the four "neices" (as I called the dancers). I knew she's great, but what I saw that night was much, much more. it crossed my mind to remain in Paris to see her again the next evening. But then, maybe she'll start a tour again.


First Set
Steamy Windows
Typical Male
River Deep, Mountain High
What You Get Is What You See
Better Be Good to Me
Acid Queen
What's Love Got to Do With It
Private Dancer
We Don't Need Another Hero

Second Set
Help (The Beatles cover)
Let's Stay Together
Undercover Agent for the Blues
I Can't Stand the Rain
Jumpin' Jack Flash / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (The Rolling Stones cover)
Golden Eye
Addicted to Love
The Best
Proud Mary

Nutbush City Limits
Be Tender With Me Baby

I took some pictures. I couldn't make up my mind what to post. They are all beautiful. My memories. So I posted all of them.

Paris Bercy, 1 hour before the show

The stage
Paris Bercy 5 minutes before the show
And the show starts. As the courtain pulled back, she came from up high. The crowd was delirious.
The first song, "Steamy Windows"

One of my favourite songs, "River Deep, Mountain High"

Does she look like a grany?

What about now?

The fireworks marked the end of the first part

As you'll see, after each long dress a short one followed.

This red dress was the best one.

Again, a very well staged moment. Mad Max theme for "We Don't need Another Hero"

This was a still moment. everybody had the chance to rest.

Some pictures that I took from the big screen above the stage

I don't know why I took this picture. Maybe because she had some lovely shoes...This is the moment I liked best. Besides the one in the end... you'll see what I'm talking about.

So, this scene introduced "Golden Eye". James Bond came on stage to defend his lady.
Bang, bang!
And she's safe.
After finishing the job, James waited for Her.
Lucky me. She descended the stairs on our side of the stage. So I had the chance to take many photos.

Long dress... short dress....

"Proud Mary" was the last song of the show. 2 encores followed.
After she left the stage for the first time the crowd bursted into screamings and clapping. TI-NA, TI-NA, calling her back. After a few minutes she came back on stage only to do some moew amazing things. A crane lifted and turned towards the audience. Suddenly she was above the people, waving at everybody. At that moment she came soooooo close to me.

One of the best pictures

Here you can see the crane coming back inside the stage.

Bye bye, Tina. Thank you for a great evening! YOU"RE SIMPLY THE BEST!

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  1. Nice pictures!!! I can't wait!!! Dublin here I come!!!

  2. Real cool pictures! Didn't see many from that angle yet and love the one of Tina in the cherry picker! Anja