Belcea Quartet - Romanian Atheaneum - 09.06.2009


......The pleasure of playing - Belcea Quartet - one of the best quartets in the world. Today they're here. Tomorrow, in Germany or Sweden. Next week at Carnagie Hall... All over the world, 4 very talented people. Check out the concert dates list. It's very impressive.
......Corina Belcea Fischer, the former student of Sfefan Gheorghiu, continued her studies at Yehudi Menuhin School and then at the Royal College. She founded the Belcea Quartet and the 4 of them won several competitions. Mrs Belcea plays a Stradivarius violin.
......Laura Samuel also graduated the Royal College. And her violin si a Stradivarius too.
......Krzysztof Chorzelski, the Polish viola player, joined the Belcea Quartet in 1996. He plays a 1678 Nicolo Amati viola.
......Antoine Lederlin became the solo cellist in the OrchestrePhilharmonique de Radio France at only 20. He joined the quartet in 2006 and he plays a 1714 Grancino cello.
......Last night, on June 9th 2009, they came to the Athenaeum Concert Hall where they are Quartet in Residence. Even if the Hall was not full, as I expected, the concert was a success. They played difficult scores by Beethoven (my favourite), Prokofiev and Schubert. They play perfectly. No doubt about that. But they get involved deeply in what play. The suffer and get happy with every note of the score. And they make the audience feel the same.
Beethoven op.95
Prokofiev - Quartet No.1
Schubert - Death and the Maiden

And a short video - the encore - Beethoven, the third part of a quartet

Hope to see them again soon. Maybe in Bucharest... maybe at Carnagie Hall...

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