Berlin_Parliament and Charlottenburg_21.06.2009

......This was my second trip to Berlin. Here you'll find the first one. I didn't have too much time, between the concerts. So I focused on two things. The Parliament bulding and Charlottenburg Palace.
......But first of all, some directions. Berlin has two airports, Tegel in northern Berlin (Blue Air operates here) and Schonefeld, in southern Berlin (German Wings operates here). I arrived on Schonefeld. There is an info desk in the airport. I got a map and tickets for transportation. One way ticket is 2,10 euro. Expensive. Use the day ticket, which costst 6,10 euro (and 6,50 euro if you buy it in the airport). It's valid till 3am next day!
......There is a free shuttle bus that gets you from the airport to Schoneweide S-Bahn. From here take S9 to Alexanderplatz. The whole journey takes a while. About 1 hour. Bus+S.

......If you're coming or going to Tegel, the easiest for me was TXL. It's a bus. I took it from Hauptbanhof. Same price for the ticket, 2.10 euro. The journey takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
......If you plan to visit the Parliament (the glass cupola only), go there early. It's free so it's a long cueue. It opens at 8am. Be there before 10 to be able to enjoy the view without being rushed from behind. There is also a free audio guide. To get here you can use the S-Bahn to Unter der Linden and then walk under Brandenburg Gate.

The glass cupola

Potsdamer Platz - the circus-like cupola belongs to Sony Center
Brandemburg Gate
...... Don't know how to call this. the "SF thing inside the Parliament"... maybe. There are thousands of mirrors which have a good purpose (besides being photografed by the tourists)... to provide light to the Parliament Hall which is right beneath.
If the light comes from the right angle, the blue chairs from the Parliament Hall are visible

And you go round and round this "thing" till you get up there.
"The hole in the roof"

......Next stop, Charlottenburg Schloss. I had some problems getting here. the girl at the hostel gave wrong directions. So, if you're coming from Alexanderplatz take any S to the Zoo. And from there U2 to Ruhleben. Get off at Sophie Charlotte Platz. From here take bus 309 - about 3 stops (it comes every 20 minutes). Or better walk. About 10 minutes to the palace. There is another bus... 124 I think, right in front of the castle, that goes to the Zoo. It's up to you which way you take. I came from Alexanderplatz. So before getting in the train I took another picture of the TV tower.

......There are several spots to visit here. The Old Palace, the New Wing, Belvedere and the Gardens. The day ticket is 14 euro/adult and 10 euro/student and under 18. The lady selling tickets was nice and said this is my lucky day. I'll be a student again :) So i paid 10 euro. Sorry, but no photo inside the palace. I can say it's nice...well preserved. It's worth visiting.

......Now let's go on visiting the gardens. Beautiful gardens organized more than 1 century ago.

The palace, on the other side, the one facing the gardens.

The Belvedere - a sort of retreat for the king. Not too far from the Palace. About 15 minutes of walking. Nowdays it hosts the Ceramic Museum.
......Here my visit in Berlin ended. I left to Waldbuhne. I was anctions to meet Sir Rattle and his Berliner Philharmoniker. See here what happened that evening.

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  1. Irina, next time you visit Berlin please don't miss the Sanssouci Castle, in Potsdam, which is the most famous castle in the Berlin-Brandenburg area and one of he most popular in all Germany. Also in Potsdam: the Dutch Quarter. Many exclusive shops, cosy coffee houses and restaurants which – in addition to the architecture - define the special flair of this quarter. Of course, take a break at the cafe a Maison du Chocolate” in the Dutch Quarter where you will experience the most delicious hot chocolate with original french chocolate and cream! After this you won’t need chocolate for the rest of the week :)

  2. Thanks for the hint. I hope next time I'll have more time. I thought of going to Potsdam but I thought it would take too long.
    Yam.. chocolate...We should have talked before I left :)