Il Barbiere di Siviglia at Royal Opera House_10.07.2009

.....A new day. July 10th. We both had tickets for Il Barbiere, considered the best performance of the year. The cast was spectacular. Juan Diego Florez, Joyce di Donato, Ferruccio Furlanetto and Alessandro Corbelli. This was my first JDF experience. I have a ticket for his concert in London next year in May. But this was even better.
......During the premiere night Joyce broke her fibia. But she first finished the opera and then went to the hospital. It was bad. The doctor told her not to step on that foot. Everyday I checked the ROH website to see if they announce the replacement. Joyce wrote everyday on her blog. She was positive. She’s strong and everybody supported her from the beginning. I was almost sure that she won’t give up. And she hasn’t. She sung from a wheelchair. Perfect voice and perfect acting. She makes you forget that she’s not standing with the rest of the cast.
......I won’t talk about the voice/singing. There’s no point. I only have great words to say. I was impressed. Go see it. Or buy the DVD when it’s out. This production is too good not to be released soon. “Cessa” was the highlight of the evening. Everybody was waiting for that particular aria. I still don’t know where all that air was coming from. One million notes, each at its place. Perfect. They were all perfect. The singers, the orchetra, the choir. And the audience rewarded them. Applauses. Many applauses. Which is not usual at all for ROH. They don’t have the habbit to express their fellings towards the artists. It’s a matter of 2-3 minutes at the end of the opera. Then the curtain drops and that’s all. That evening it was different. They stayed on stage longer. Fully deserved glory.
......Hope I made myself very clear. Go see it! Oh, and one more interesting thing. I don't know how it usually is but this evening Antonio Papano played the clavecin.
......We went backstage again. Florez didn’t want to stop for autographs and pictures. He only said "Hello. Thank you! Good evening!" He had his wife with him (she’s very beautiful. Tall and blonde). But Joyce came immediately after him. There was a line there. There were more people than the previous night. She was so sweet. She might have been in pain, or tired, but she still talked to each of the people there. As Juan Diego is THE Count Almaviva, Joyce is THE Rosina.

If I think back, there should be a certain feeling there on stage. You as artist know that all the people in the theatre came to see something amazing. That 2258 people (that's the total number of seats at ROH) came to listen to Cessa. And you're aware that that moment is getting closer and closer. A lot of self control is needed here. And in those moments of concentration each artist does certain movements that help him/her. I noticed some of them. Have you?

......This was the second ROH blowing experience in two days. Do you think that was all? No. There’s more.

Covent Garden Market, seen from the terras of ROH

ROH. Picture taken from Amphhiteatre, G57.

Ferruccio Furlanetto
Alessandro Corbelli
Juan Diego Florez

Joyce di Donato

And Maestro Papano

Inside the new wing of ROH
Mr Furlanetto
Figaro :)
And the amazing Joyce. Get well soon!

Still more to come. One more night at ROH.

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  1. De ce nu ai o fotografie impreuna cu Florez?rant

  2. Nu intotdeauna se pot face poze. Si nu acesta este scopul pentru care merg acolo. Vreau doar sa vad cum comunica cu publicul, cum se comporta in afara scenei. Cateodata nu este cazul pentru ca artistii sunt extrem de obositi si este clar ca nu doresc. Alteori, asa cum a fost in seara respectiva, Florez se grabea. A iesit, i-a salutat politicos pe cei care asteptau si a plecat.
    Daca artistii sunt dispusi sa dea autografe si sa faca poze, au grija sa arate acest lucru. daca nu, un "multumesc" este suficient.
    Va exista sigur o data viitoare :)