Milan_July 2009

......I only had two days in Milan. So I enjoyed it as much as I could. It has some interesting parts. There weren't so may tourists which was very good. It was fine and I might get back here for cultural events.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


Same Gallery, by day

Just played with AcDSee
Deatils on or inside the Dome

The next pictures were taken from the roof of the Dome. There are two ways to get there. By stairs (about 250) and it costs 5 euro, or by elevator, 8 euro.

Piazza Duomo

Galleria - by day

La Scala
And Scala shop
Castello Sforzesco. Two metro stops from the Dome. But it's easier to get there walking. It's not too far away.

"La citta di Milano"

And the last stop, before going back to the airport on the second day, Sant Ambrogio.

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