Munich in July 2009

......This was my second visit to Munich. The first one took place about 3 years ago and lasted for 3 hours. Just got the chance to see Marienplatz. This time it was a cultural weekend. 2 concert and 2 operas. You can read my comments in the posts dedicated to each of them.
It's not that easy (please read "cheap") to get to Munich. There is no low cost flight. You can only count on Tarom (the Romanian flight company) and Lufthansa. I paid a little bit more than planned on the flight ticket. But it worth every penny. From the airport it's very easy to get downtown. Just take S8 or S1. The ticket is 9 euro and can be used all day long for public transportation. Get off at Hauptbanhof (the central Railway station), have a coffee at Starbucks and then start looking for your hotel.
......I stayed at Confort Andi City Center. Very close to the center of the city (15 minutes walking) and to the Railway Station (5 minutes walking). It was about 90 euro/3 nights, breakfast and taxes included. it was a very large room. Clean and close to everything.
The city is big and has a lot of attractions. We had to make some choices in order to mix culture with sightseeing.

......This is the old town. During the first day we took the free city tour organized by Sandeman's. 3 and half hours walking in the company of Harriet, a very nice young lady from New Zealand who managed to keep the group together even if the weather was bad. It was heavy rain, sun, rain, sun, heavy rain. But the tour was great. Good job, Harriet!
Church of our Lady - inside

Bayerische Staatsoper

The Rezidenz

One of the gates of the old town

Church of our Lady - outside
The New City Hall in Marienplatz

Residenz - on the other side

Cuvillies Theatre.It's very small but it's beautiful. I would have liked to see a concert here, but didn't have time. We just visited it. 3 euro/person. Get in, stay as long as you like and take as many pictures as you want.

The Park. One of them. The one where English Garden is.

A surfing spot. Imporovised on a river.

Nymphenburg Palace - inside and outside. The ticket is 13 euro to visit everything. The big palace is nice. The other places... not really. But the park is beautiful.

Next time I hope I'll have time to visit Newschwainstein

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