Deutsche Kammerphilharmonice Bremen-Louis Langree-Peter Jablonsky-Natalie Dessay-25.09

Romanian Atheneum
Midnight concerts
Conductor of the choir: Voicu Popescu
Mozart – "Maurerische Trauermusik" KV 477
Mozart – Concerto for piano and orhcestra no. 17 in G Major K 453
Soloist: PETER JABLONSKI - pian
Mozart – Missa in c minor K 427
......Who would have thought two days ago that the Festival would produce such a nice surprise? Itwas even better that I could see her in concert because, as she declared, she doesn't like concerts too much. Thanks to Mr Holender (I think), she came to Bucharest on such a short notice. And the Hall was perfect for this kind of music.
......During the first part, Mr Jablonski performed a clean, by-the-book Mozart concert.
Peter Jablonski

......The Missa was performed after the interval. And I saw that more people entered the hall, coming to listen to her. The orchestra came on stage, then the choir. This choir is a legend here. They're very good and easily recognizable because of the dresses of the ladies. Wearing a long, black dress and carying a bottle of water and the score, Natalie Dessay entered the stage followed by the other 3 soloists and the conductor. She leaned, smiled to the audience and sat down. The music started. Knowing what she said at the press conference about the audience being too close to stage during a concert, I paid attention to what she's doing when she's not singing. Her eyes had two directions. Either the score in front of her or the ceiling. She looked in the audience two or three times only. I guess it's a matter of keeping concentration. People in the hall had high expectations. And she did a wonderful job. A crystal clear voice that delivered Mozart's message. I especially liked the last 15 minutes as the voices warmed up and sounded perfectly.
......For those who heard her before, this is a confirmation (live) of her value. Those who listened to her for the first time might want to repeat the experience. But since she's an opera singer in the first place, this is where she gives her best. So try to see her performing in an opera, live or recorded. She sings a lot in Europe and there are plenty of DVDs available in music stores. As a suggestion: La Fille du Regiment with Juan Diego Florez - on DVD (see here)or live (next year at ROH).
......There is also her latest CD that is worth all the attention. Bach - Cantatas, released this year under Virgin Classics. Click on the photo for more information.
......And now enjoy the pictures. And say good bye (as i did) to the midnight concerts at the Athenaeum. This was the last one during the Festival.

From left to right: Lisa Larsson, Natalie Dessay, Emanuel Cristian Caraman, Simon Kirkbride

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  1. I have watched the concert on TV.
    A special event, with great singers. For me, the program was not too representative for Mozart. I would liked for example the 21st Concert for piano and the Requiem. But probably the organizers chosen less known works. Anyway, it was a good opportunity to listen a fine pianist - Jablonsky (I liked also the Chopin's mazurka as "bis") and a great soprano - Natalie Dessay.
    Apart Marie from "La fille du regiment", I have seen her as Olympia in "Les Contes d'Hoffmann", Manon (Massenet) and Ophelie ("Hamlet" by Ambroise Thomas). Her presence in Bucharest will remain memorable.

  2. Scuze, nu-mi merge gmailul, asa ca folosesc aceasta cale. Iti las un remember de la inchiderea festivalului Si nu uita, pe 10 oct. Evgheni Onegin, pe 13 oct cvartetul Belcea!

  3. @Margarit. Puteti scrie in romana. Programul nu este ales de organizatori ci de orchestra impreuna cu solistii. De cele mai multe ori au mai cantat unii cu altii, asa ca stiu ce pot alege.
    Chiar si racita, Natalie a arata ce poate. Vreau sa o vad in opera live.

  4. @"Anonimul". Belcea din nou? Foarte frumos. unde vor canta? tot la Ateneu?. Pe 10 octombrie insa nu pot veni la Onegin. Voi fi intr-o alta tara, intr-o alta sala, acultand pe cineva pe care admir mult. Mai multe detalii la timpul potrivit.

    Multumesc pentru link. Combinatia Berliner Philharmoniker si Rattle mi-a ramas in sufle. De cate ori ai ascult ma intorc in timp, la Waldbuhne. Si ma simt atat de norocoasa ca am ajuns sa-i ascult... Cu putin noroc o sa reuseasca domnul Holender sa-i aduca la Enescu peste 2 ani. E in plan.

  5. Anonimul eram eu dar am incurcat niste chestii pe aici. Linkul era menit sa-ti aminteasca bisul de aseara pe care eu una l-am tot fredonat in drum spre casa si am ales aceasta combinatie orchestra dirijor stiind cit iti plac.Cvartetul Belcea cinta pe 13 la Ateneu, program Webern/Langamer Satz, Mozart/K465, Frank/Cvintetul de pian (invitat Kevin Kenner). Nici eu nu voi fi in tara in acea perioada.

  6. Da, am prins ideea linkului. Stiam ca e partea a treia din Simfonia a treia de Brahms. Sper sa nu gresesc. Frumos. Foarte frumos.

  7. mda.....uluitor ca a venit la iar aflu mult prea tarziu......De parca toate se pun de acord..

  8. Ai putea sa ma intrebi.. asa, din cand in cand.. ce mai e pe aici, cultural vorbind :)