"Firebird", the first communitary dance show in Romania - National Theatre, Bucharest - 05.09

......100 Romanian young people from Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu are part of a project involving dancing. They come from different environments, some of them ar orpahns, some of them have some disabilities, but they are all conected by the wish to do something beautiful. This is the first project of this type that is done in Romania. The show is part of Enescu Festival. And it took place at the National Theatre, on September 5th. I couldn't attend as I was at the Opera House. But I attended the general rehearsal in the morning. They have another show in Sibiu, on September 9th.
......The young people involved are between 8 and 22 years old and they had no connection with dancing before joining this project. They were gathered in Bucharest and trained for a month under the supervision of Royston Maldoom (Great Britain) and Josef Eder (Germany) and their assistanrs Marta Hincapie (Columbia), Irina Roncea si Oana Rotariu (Romania)
......This is not the first project of the famous British coreographer Royston Maldoon. I saw another project. It was also communitary dancind but it involved 250 young people. It took place in Berlin, in 2006, under his direct supervision and in cooperation with Simon Rattle and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and using "Le Sacre du Printemps" by Stravinsky. The name of the project is "Rhythm it is" and you can see the trailer here. I saw almost the same thing today, on stage.
......This project also has a beautiful website with lots of information. Click here to see the promo video and after seeing it, see also the pictures posted on the website. I couldn't take pictures during the rehearsal because there were a lot of underaged people on stage. For their protection, nobody took photos.
......I was impressed. Very impressed. It's amazing how a few people managed to induce the idea of making art, of creating beauty, to a group of 100 young people that have never danced before. And they did it so well. The music is impressive (Fire Bird by Stravinky) and allows your mind to fly, to imagine all sorts of things. What I was like a dream, the dream of a small child. I hope they liked what they did there. I would certainly recommend to see one of these projects. There are some videos on You Tube. I found the followings: 1, 2. Enjoy!

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