Swingle Singers-Bucharest-23.09

Palace Small Hall
Series "Classical music in jazz arrangements"
Corelli - Concerto Grosso No.8 Op. 6; I. & II. Movement - Arr. R. Eteson
Mozart - Ouverture to “The Magic Flute” - Arr. B. Parry
Gershwin - Fascinating Rhythm - Arr. A. L’Estrange
Porter - It’s All Right With Me - Arr. W. Swingle
J.S. Bach - Organ Fuge in E Minor BWV 578 - Arr. W. Swingle
Chopin - Prelude in E Minor Op.28 No. 4 - Arr. J. Forbes
Sting / F. Chopin - Until - Arr. K. Fox
Trad. - Amazing Grace - Arr. J. Forbes
C. Corea / J. Rodrigo – Spain - Arr. S. Stroman
Q. Jones - Soul Bossa Nova - Arr. A. L’Estrange
A. Piazzolla – Libertango - Arr. K. Erez
W. Murphy - A Fifth of Beethoven - Arr. T. Hug
Lennon/McCartney - Lady Madonna - Arr. C. Canning
J.S. Bach - Air on a G String - Arr. J. Rathbone
Lennon/McCartney - Ticket to Ride - Arr. A. L’Estrange
Lennon/McCartney - Eleanor Rigby - Arr. K. Fox
J. Mitchell - Both Sides Now - Arr. C. Wheeler
A.C. Jobim – Surfboard - Arr. W. Swingle
E. Satie - Gymnopedie No. 1 - Arr. W. Swingle
Lambert, Hendricks, Lewis - It’s Sand, Man ! - Arr. W. Swingle
Jarreau / Omartian - Boogie Down - Arr. P. Churchill
And 3 encores
Sound Engineer: HUGH WALKER
Musical Director: JOANNA GOLDSMITH

......I heard them some time ago. Somebody sent me a link on YouTube. It was The Flight of the Bumble Bee". I listened to it several times, not believing it was a capella....
......They're 8 young people that tour the world filling up concert halls and making people that come to listen to them applaud till they sing again and again. Besides the great voices trained to sing everything, from classical music to jazz and pop, they're very happy, funny, know how to entertain the audience. Kevin and Tobi teached us how to make a drum-like sound with the mouth. They split the audience in 3. One part had to say "boo", one "kaa" and the third "ch". They made us sing and laugh, allowing their colleagues to rest. Who would have believed that Bach matches Beatles and Beethoven matches Sting? Their voices replace the instruments. Not only they sing, but also move on stage or dance in order to make everything more interesting.
Listen to them singing Adagio by Albinoni, in 2008

......In the end of the concert they went to the lobby to meet the people, sell CDs and sign autographs. They're very friendly. I asked them some questions. A sort of mini interview.
1. What do you have for breakfast that makes you sing so well? Just cereals, said Sara laughing.
2. How many hours do you practice every day? 3 to 5, said Lucy. Always together? No. Also by ourselves.
3. Do you have another job? No, no time for something else. This is our job, said Lucy.
4. What's your background speaking of singing? We sung in choires, most of us, said Tobi, but each of us is trained to sing classical music, pop, jazz, a little bit from everything.
5. Who makes the arrangements of the songs? A lot of people, said Christopher. A lot of them are signed by Ward Swingle, the one who established the Swingle Singers. He's now 83, but still working.
6. Is it everywhere like it was this evening? No, said Johanna. We liked Romanians. They're warm and kind. And this Festival is great. We performed twice. It's our first time here but we loved every minute.
7. Why have you stopped? People kept cheering. My feet are hurting, said Johanna, pointing to her high heel shoes. But we would have no problem with you singing without shoes. Yes, sure. I'll try this next time.
8. Who's the boss here? Tobi, said Sara pointing to him. No, he is, said Tobi pointing to Kevin. No, we are all bosses, said Johanna.
9. Where are you going next? Germany, said Tobi.
......If they come near you, buy a ticket! You won't regret it.
Lucy, Tobi and Christopher
Lucy, Sara and Johanna


...... At some point Tobi said that the basses never get to sing solos. The sopranos do this, the tenors do it, but never the basses. So he declared this song "his moment". Dear Tobi, what follows is your moment in pictures.

Clare and Johanna

Richard and Christopher



The Swingle Singers
Clare and Sara

Lucy and Clare

Johanna had a speech. In Romanian. The words were written on that piece of paper. She thanked us and to the sound engineer, Hugh.

Talking to the people, in the lobby

hi, Lucy :)

Group picture! Thanks guys, you were AMAZING!

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