Belcea Quartet - Romanian Athenaeum - 16.12.2009

Residency at the Athenaeum in Bucharest supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute
Evening Concert - Atheneum Bucharest
Haydn Op.20 No.2
Shostakovich No.14
Enescu Octet (guest Arcadia Quartet)
After three years of performing on the stage of the Athenaeum as guests, the members of the Belcea Quartet had their last performace of the residency (which combined concerts and masterclasses). They play on the most famous stages around the world and I'm so proud that this is my fifth Belcea concert. I'm twice proud because Mrs Belcea is Romanian. They gave emotions, passion, perfection, inspiration, beauty enclosed in music by Haydn, Shostakovich and Enescu and received applauses, open hearted bravos, smiles. It was a sort of good bye. Hopefully also a see-you-soon.
The Athenaeum by night. And in winter.

The posters in the lobby of the venue
Posters of the concerts from past

The poster for this night's concert

Corina Belcea Fisher in action

Corina Belcea
In this footage Mrs Belcea tells the story of her career, from the beginning and about the masterclasses with Maxim Vengerov. And she's playing one of my favorite concerts - Concerto #1 in D major for violin by Tchaikovsky (there's also a little bit of Vegerov playing this concert. He was teaching masterclasses at 24 while Mrs Belcea was 23).

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