Hong Kong-New Year's Eve-31.12.2009

......The celebration of the News Years Eve in Hong Kong is not such a big deal. The 6 milion people living there know one thing. To get on the streets early, to try to get the best place possible to see the fireworks (that last about 10 minutes) and then instantly go home. The whole family is in the street. Grandparents, parents, children, pets. Everybody. But there's nothing else happening. The big event is later on, for the Chinese New Year (end of January - beginning of February).
.....To get a spot on the promenade is almost impossible. Unless you're willing to spend about 5 hours standing and defending the place your two feet occupy. No way. The interesting thing happens not before the count down, but after. All those people had 5 hours to gather. But they all want to get back home as soon as possible. So starting 10 minutes after midnight, an ocean of noisy people (90% Chinese) struggle to get to the metro or buses. But most of them just walk. Police blocked many lanes on the streets because the side walks are not enough. You'll see below.
......Want to party? Go to a restaurant (but some of them close before midnight) or a club. Drinking on the streets is forbidden (maybe on this day only). not even champagne. Oh, and no fireworks other than the official ones.

IFC 2 building

Picture taken from the hotel room. Prudential hotel on Nathan Road, Kowloon. One hour I got back. it was about 1:30am and people were still coming from the promenade.

......This year I didn't have a good spot for taking photos. For better pictures, see the post from the last year. HERE. Scroll down!

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