La Boheme-Romanian Opera House-Hector Lopez-Tina Munteanu-Irina Iordachescu-23.01.2010

Rodolfo - Hector Lopez
Mimi - Tina Munteanu
Musetta - Irina Iordăchescu
Marcello - Ionuţ Pascu
Schaunard - Ionut Gavrila
Colline - Radu Pintilie
Benoît - Paul Basacopol
Alcindoro - Ştefan Schuller
Parpignol - Constantin Negru
Conductor - Vlad Conta
......In a row of three operas I attended this weekend, this was by far the best. It was a pleasure from beginning to end. Beautiful voices, feelings, the orchestra didn't disturb my ears in any way. Tina Munteanu is one of my favourite artists here. In fact, she's the reason I left my cosy home on such a cold weather. Go see her. La Boheme or Evgeni Onegin. The story she told tonight was impressive and she matched Hector Lopez perfectly. It was so impressive that a lady behind me was actually crying. Irina Iordachescu is so charming and full of life that it's impossible not to like her. Musetta's valse was rendered admirably. Good job, ladies! Good job, gentlemen! Best Boheme at ONB in a long time.

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