The Flying Dutchman_ONB_Gary Simpson_21.03.2010

Daland - Horia Sandu
Senta - Madeleine Pascu
Mary - Gabriela Drăguşin
Der Steuermann Dalands - LUCIAN CORCHIŞ
Der Höllander - GARY SIMPSON
The little girl - Miruna Gafencu
Orchestra and chorus of the Bucharest National Opera
Conductor: Cristian Mandeal
It wasn't what I would have liked to listen to. It was attempt to sing/play Wagner. Not a very successful one. Only two voices were able to support the difficulty of the music. The Dutchman and Erik. Good for them! The soprano was out of tune. She got tired after the first aria.How awful! And people still appalud in the end as if a miracle happened on stage. We should stop appaluding to show them there was something wrong.

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