Nea Kameni - a day at the Volcano - Santorini - 12.06.2010

The trip at the Volcano is a "must do" for everybody that gets to Santorini. The trip starts at 10:00am and ends towards 5pm or 6pm, depending where you get off from the boat. There are two stops: in Oia (where you can stay to see the sunset) and back to the port where the buses that make the transfer to the hotels are waiting.
If you get off in Oia, you can pay 5 euro for a trip by donkey :). There's a loong way up to the village.
The Volcano is sleeping, so you can visit it anytime. Besides what you pay for the trip there's also a 2 euro fee, a sort of Natural Park entrance fee. All the boats that arrive on the island have a guide that speaks several languages. He'll take you up and explain things. You should wear some confortable sandals or snickers. The are is rocky.
The stop for lunch is in Thirassia, an island close by. there are some tavernas there that serve all sorts of sea food. The donkeys are ready to get you up in you're ready to explore the village.
The ferry that connects Crete and other island to Santorini. Megajet. Roundtrip to Crete is 90 euro/person.

The Volcano

Going up

Oia in the distance

Donkeys on Thirassia

By donkey up to Oia

A cruise ship waiting for the tourits to get back from their visit on the island

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