San Lorenzo El Escorial - Madrid - July 2010

El Escorial it's about 50km away from Madrid. Don't get dicouraged. There are trains from Atocha that get there. Very slow ones (Cercanias), but you're there in one hour and fifteen minutes. The price of a return ticket is 6,50 euro. When you get to the station in Escorial you have two choices. Either pay 1,20 euro/way for the bus ride (less then 5 minutes) or walk. It might take you 15 - 20 minutes, but it's not a big deal. From where the bus leaves you, go up the stairs, take right and you're almost there. Grab a coffee first, then take a map from the Info desk at the entrace, pay 8 Euro for the ticket (or 10 for the ticket+audio guide) and you're ready to visit San Lorenzo El Escorial.
Before visiting, read some facts about its history. So you'll get really impressed. I only tell you that the first stone of the monastery was put on April 23, 1563 and nowadays the entire monastery and its historic surroundings are part of UNESCO World Heritage (declared in 1984).
Getting closer to El Escorial

Monasterio de El Escorial or San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Inside there is a small musum that tell the story of the process of construction. There are a lot of tools and designs displayed.

Boooo hoooooo

Some beautiful gardens. I wanted to get down there but I couldn't find the way down. Mybe you're luckier.

Real Basilica of the Monasterio de El Escorial


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