Life in the countryside. Part I. A vegetable garden

It's so good to be able to eat some fresh vegetable and fruit. Just to pick them up and enjoy a very, very good taste. The original taste. All the photos were taken in Mihaiesti village, Arges County, Romania
Before getting to the garden, a hayrack, and a storm coming
A turkey hen on duty
In the garden. The pumpkin flower
Hot peppers
More tomatoes

Raspberries. We were all fascinated. And didn't leave until we cleaned up the raspberry cane :)

More cabbage
Some eggplants
Tomatoes, again
Plums (in the tree)
String beans
Us.. in action
The treasure
A green pepper
A yellow pumpkin
And a red pumpkin
Going back home, we met them in the street
Hi there!
He and his rival

This is something rarely found these days. Even in countryside. It's a system used to get water from deep wells. There is a bucket at the end of the long, thin stick

This one.
It was an interesting day. Fresh air, silence, and a garden full of goodies. Check back for a beautiful collection of flowers.

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