Adriana Lecouvreur_Royal Opera House London_Gheorghiu/Kaufmann_04.12.2010

Royal Opera House London
Conductor Mark Elder
Adriana Lecouvreur Angela Gheorghiu
Maurizio Jonas Kaufmann
The Prince of Bouillon Maurizio Muraro
The Princess of Bouillon Olga Borodina
Michonnet Alessandro Corbelli
L'Abbate di Chazeuil Bonaventura Bottone
Poisson Iain Paton
Quinault David Soar
Madame Jouvenot Janis Kelly
Madame Dangeville Sarah Castle
All the photos below were taken at the curtain all, on Dec 4
Bonaventura Bottone - l'Abbate
Alessandro Corbelli - Michonnet
Maurizio Muraro - Il Principe
Olga Borodina - La Principessa
Jonas Kaufmann - Maurizio

Angela Gheorghiu - Adriana


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