Alcazar de Segovia, May 2011

If you happen to be in Madrid and have a day off, visit Segovia. it's only half an hour by fast train from Madrid Chamartin (about 15 euro/way). When you get to Segovia station, there are two ways of getting into town. Don't try to walk. it's too far away from anything.
1. Wait for the bus. Ask the person at the tourist office in the station about the schedule. It's only 0,80 euro/way, but you might have to wait for the bus to come even more than an hour. Or you might be so lucky to find it in front of the station when you arrive. there are two buses going to the same direction, 11 and 12. The drop off station is right in front of the Roman Aqueduct.

2. Get a taxi. It's about 10 euro/way, but you can get at the Alcazar in 10 minutes. It's more convenient. Ask the person at the tourist office to call a taxi. And ask the taxi driver to get you to the Alcazar. It's easier to get down to the Cathedral and Aqueduct than going up the narrow streets of the old town of Segovia.

I like this small town a little bit more than Valladolid. It was just a feeling. You need about 4 hours for a visit, some shopping and lunch. I started with the Alcazar (whose building started in early 1100 and which reminded me of the Castle in Disneyland Paris). 4,50 euro/ticket + 2 euro if you want to climb the stairs into the Tower of John II. There's a museum inside and the view from the towers is spectacular.
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you the Alcazar de Segovia.

Next chapter, the Cathedral and Roman Aqueduct.

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