Rupea fortress, Brasov county, August 2015

Rupea has been inhabited since time immemorial. It was the Dacians who had build castle Ramidava on the 120m high basalt block. The Romans followed with castle Rupes functioning as a fortress and commerce-control centre. It was always rebuilt when destroyed.

In the middle ages it belong to the king. Originally it consisted only of the interior castle, and having no strategic importance, at the end of the XVI century it became public property.

The citizens expanded it during the next hundred years. Two large courts were added housing small houses. A well, and the Szallonas and Szolgak towers were also built. The first and only canon was acquired in 1613. Following the 1643 fire the castle was deserted, in 1790 a huge storm rips off the roof giving way to the decay of the castle. The church in Rupea was built in the XV century. Its baroque altar dates back to 1709 while the organ was built in 1727. There are also memorials in the church dating back to the XVII century guilds period.

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