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Romanian Atheneum
Midnight concerts
Soloist and Conductor: CHRISTIAN ZACHARIAS - piano
Joseph Haydn
- Symphony no. 83 in g minor Hob.I: 83 "La Poule"
- Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 11 in D Major Hob.XVIII : 11
- Sonata for piano in C Major
- Symphony no. 104 in D Major Hob.I : 104 "London"
......Contrary to the general opinion, after creating the world, on the seventh day God only rested till noon. He spent the rest of the day creating Lausanne Chamber Orchestra and Mr Zacharias. And he set them to come on Earth in the 20th century.
......This concert, third in a row, ended their staying in Romania. There were 3 amazing days of Haydn led to perfection. The audience loved them and last night the concert ended after 1am. We would have wanted more, but after the first encore Christian Zacharias said "two more menuets and we go home". Standing ovations made the member of the orchestra smile all the time. I guess that you play diferently when you know that the audience loves you, right?
......In sign of recognition of his work in the field of music, Mr Zacharias received the "Cultural Order" from the Romanian Presidency.
.....On the way back home I realized I had a big smile stuck on my face. It's the fourth time this happens. It was the same after Faust in Viena, Cecilia Bartoli and Tosca in London. I want more beautiful moments like this one.
UPDATE with an article. An interview with Mr Zacharias by Anca Ioana Andriescu.
Christian Zacharias and his magic piano

Receiving the medal

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  1. Nu stiam pe ce cale sa te abordez, asa ca o fac aici. Ai idee daca azi Saint Martin in the Fields& Perahia au intr-adevar aproximativ acelasi program ca ieri? Asa e in program -acum am descoperit- dar parca nu-mi vine sa cred.

  2. Acelasi, mai putin simfonia de la inceput. Nu inteleg de ce, cred ca la cat de cunoscuti sunt au ceva mai mult in repertoriu. Dar asta este alegerea solistului-dirijor.

  3. Wow, this is really exciting! Mr. Zacharias will be playing and conducting on a regular basis with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and I am looking forward to it. I will see if my sister-in-law can translate your interview, as I am curious to know what is being said about Haydn.