Les Troyens, Royal Opera House, Antonacci/Hymel/Westbroek/Capitanucci, 25.06.2012

Les Troyens - première
Royal Opera House

Conductor Antonio Pappano

Cassandre Anna Antonacci
Chorèbe Fabio Capitanucci
Enée Bryan Hymel
Didon Eva-Maria Westbroek
Narbal Brindley Sherratt
Anna Hanna Hipp
Ascagne Barbara Senator
Priam Robert Lloyd
Hécube Pamela Helen Stephen
Ghost of Hector Jihoon Kim
Panthée Ashley Holland
Hélénus Ji Hyun Kim
Greek Captain Lukas Jakobski

Director David McVicar
Set designs Es Devlin
Costume designs Moritz Junge
Lighting design Wolfgang Göbbel
Choreography Andrew George


Anna Caterina Antonacci

Anna Caterina Antonacci

Fabio Capitanucci

Anna Caterina Antonacci
Eva Maria Westbroek

Bryan Hymel

Anna Caterina Antonacci, Anna Hip, Bryan Hymel

David McVicar and the production crew

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