Andrea Chenier - Kaufmann/Westbroek/Lucic - Royal Opera House, January 2015

Andrea Chenier - dress rehearsal
Royal Opera House, January 2015

Andrea Chénier  Jonas Kaufmann
Maddalena de Coigny  Eva-Maria Westbroek
Carlo Gérard  Željko Lučić
Bersi  Denyce Graves
Madelon  Elena Zilio
Contessa de Coigny  Rosalind Plowright
Roucher  Roland Wood
Pietro Fléville  Peter Coleman-Wright
Fouquier-Tinville  Eddie Wade
Mathieu  Adrian Clarke
The Incredibile  Carlo Bosi
Abbé  Peter Hoare
Schmidt  Jeremy White
Major Domo John Cunningham
Dumas  Yuriy Yurchuk
Conductor Antonio Pappano
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House 

Click on the first photo to open the slideshow for higher resolution


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