The Evangelical Fortified Churh of Crit, Brasov county, Romania, August 2015

The old name Kreuz (cross) comes, by local tradition, from a large cross thrust into a promontory, visible from three neighboring villages away - Criţ, Cloaşterf and Meşendorf. Around the cross the first homes were built, as well as a stone church, dedicated to St. Cross.

From two documents, dated 1270 and 1272, we learn that King Stephen of Hungary, confirms to Laurentius, the son of Hylyees and to his son, the possession of the lands next to Szederges (Moreni), with the church dedicated to St. Mary, and the lands of Scentkerest, with the stone church dedicated to St. Cross. Szeklers are recommended to accept Laurentius and his followers in their community, as the two above-mentioned villages cease to belong to the jurisdiction and power exercised by the Governor of Transylvania.

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