Viscri, Romania, August 2015

Viscri is only one of the Saxon villages of Transylvania. Of course, is a special one, due to his great fortified church which is part of UNESCO World Heritage.
The documents tell that the village of Viscri was always a free community, never being part of a noble property. Around AD 1500 the village has 51 households, 3 shepherds, 1 teacher

Still now, Viscri is a small village, with no more than 500 inhabitants, from which only about 27 are Saxons. People say that Viscri hide the most picturesque fortified church of the Saxons from Transylvania.

Viscri is also known due to the great job in restoring done by the Mihai Eminescu Trust, the foundation patroned by The Prince of Wales. What is less known is that the work and the efforts of the foundation covers not only Viscri, but many other Saxon villages in Transylvania (Crit, Mesendorf, Malancrav, Saschiz).

The village is located in the center of Romania, close to Sighisoara (40km). You have to quit the main road (DN13/E60) in Bunesti, and then a paved road will bring you here (8km).

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