Sydney Aquarium_Sydney_november 2008

......On the first day when we arrived in Sydney we decided that have to go walking. I was lucky and the hostel we were accommodated in wasn't too far from downtown. Walking distance. And the closest to us was Darling Harbor. The heart and soul of the city. A lot of shops, restaurants, bars, discos... and Sydney Aquarium.
......I heard a lot of things about it and all the guide books listed it as a must see. Ok, let's go inside. A lot of water tanks with fish from all over the world. Two crocodiles. But the best was yet to be discovered.

A lovely sea horse

The section dedicated to the reefs. I only chose a few pictures because I got to see all this live, underwater, in Cairns. Enjoy the pictures here.

Sea star

Eals. Scary.

What we found out about 1 hour later was that the big attraction of the Aquarium was 2 floors below where we were. A huge fish tank built right in the ocean. From turtles to sharks. Beauiful.

Bye Nemo! See you in Cairns!

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