Sydney by Night - November 2008

......Many people told me that cities no matter where they are look best by night. I noticed that too. Sydney is beautiful. I spent a lot of time in the two harbors. It's difficult to focus on something in particular. So many colors, so many people.

Darling Harbor
Darling Harbor - view to Novotel Hotel
The monorail track
The Aquarium and Wild Life

Restaurants and Office Buldings in Darling Harbor

The monorail - the ticket is not expensive. about 4 Australian Dollars. But the trip is short and you maynly get to see some windows. Nothing spectacular. This is just another fast means of transportation. It's not meant to be used by tourists.

This is a boat used for cruises in the Harbor.
This is the other harbor. Circulat Quai and The Rocks

Yep. Sydney Operahouse, the landmark of the city. In fact, Sydney Opera and Sydney Symphony. Two different buildings, one next to each other. The bigger one is SS, the smaller is SO. There wasn't any show at the Opera so I went to Sydney Symphony. I couldn't miss it, could I?

Inside the Sydney Symphony. It's meant to be used for symphonic concerts. It's big with great acoustics. What I saw was an Elgar concert. Sydney Symphony orchestra conducted by maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy

The Hall is big but the acoustics is great

Sydney Bridge. It's possible to climb up there, where the flags are. 135 meters above sea level. It's unique and exciting. And expensive. 200 Australian Dollars. But again, a must do. You won't regret it not in a million years. I got a picture and a certificate that prove i was there.
Luna Park, on one side of the golf.
The sky scrapers at Circular Quai

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  1. I totally agree with you that if you are in Sydney, then climbing the Harbour Bridge is a must. When we were standing right on the top by the flags, one of our party asked the guide how far it was down to the water. Quick as a flash back came the reply "about five seconds"!!

    I climbed the bridge in the morning -my wife, who doesn't like heights, went opal shopping! - and then in the evening saw Madam Butterfly at the Opera House.

    A truly memorable day!