Sydney by Day - november 2008

......The following photos were taken during our second, fourth and fifth day of our staying in Sydney. It was rainy in the beginning but then the sun came back and Sydney got back the shiny face.

Darling Harbor - Novotel Hotel

Darling Harbor - IMAX

Harbor Bridge. You see the people descending? Well, this is THE experience in Sydney. It's expensive but you'll love it. 199 Australian Dollars. 3 and hald hours of going up to the highest point (135 meters about the sea level) and then going down. We were not allowed to take the cameras or anything else with us :(

The first sight of the Opera. All of a sudden it was in front of me. I saw it during the years in photos, I heard other people talking about it, saw it again on TV in 2000 during the Olympics. And now I was there. In front of it!

Sydney skyline

There are acutally two large buildings and a smaller one. The biggest is the concert hall. The one that you can see here. The other one, on its right is the Opera House. And the smaller one in front of them is used for different events, from exhibitions to weddings.

Circular Quay

Here you can see the smallest building and the Concert Hall
The Concert Hall and Opera House
The Bridge. Picture taken from behind the Opera House

Lunch. Fish&chips. Tasty and not very expensive. about 18 AUD

The only picture I have from the Bridge Experience. Star Trek costumes :)The following pictures were taken on a sunny day. Our last day in Sydney. We took a walk in the city, park and Botanic Garden

A mixture of old and new. But they fit perfectly together.Sydney Tower

View from up there

Somewhere in between the buildings, the Opera House

The Bridge in Circular Quay

The best spot to take pictres of the Bridge and Opera is at Mrs Macquarie's Chair in the Park

Bats. Scary.

The Government House

Darling Harbor

The monorail. Only 4,5 AUD. But it's not that interesting as it seems.

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