Sydney Taronga Zoo - Sydney - November 2008

......The first public zoo in NSW officially opened in Sydney in 1884 on a site known as Billy Goat Swamp in Moore Park, operated by the Zoological Society of NSW which was founded in March 1879.
......In 1913, Management of the zoo passed to a Trust named the New Zoological Gardens Trust which became the Taronga Zoological Park Trust.
......The first exhibits to be built were the seal ponds, elephant temple, monkey pits, top entrance, aviaries, paths and roadways and the refreshment rooms. In all, 228 mammals, 552 birds and 64 reptiles were moved from Moore Park to Taronga. Many, including the elephants, crossed the harbour on board a flat top barge.
......Taronga Zoo was officially opened on October 7th, 1916.
......New exhibits and facilities were developed over time. The Giraffe House was completed in 1923, the Aquarium in 1927, Floral Clock in 1928, Tahr Mountain in 1932 and the Tiger Pits in 1939. Under the directorship of Edward Hallstrom in the 1940's - 1960's several new exhibits were built including those for larger cats, koalas, apes and gorillas.
......In its long history, Taronga Zoo has only been closed twice. Once from August 8th - October 26th 1917 when the site was used to house labourers employed on the Sydney wharves during the transport strike and once on Australia Day 1988 to commemorate Australia's Bicentenary. (

View from Tarong Zoo to the city of Sydney. There was a competition in the harbor. That's why there are so many boats. This was our second day in Sydney. It started to rain the morning. The beauty of the city was to be revealed 2 days later, on a true summer day.

The elephants
The mighty lion.
The tiger. There were 2 of them, but only one was awake.

The giraffes

Koalas. usually they are either sleeping or eating.
As you can see here...

View to the Bridge from the Bird Show Theatre at the Zoo

......This was not the end of the day. We took the ferry back to town and kept walking. Hoping for a better weather.

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