Budapest-Hungary-November 2009

......Rain, wind, only one day of sunshine. The city is nice. But the places and people reminds me too much of Bucharest. So the only thing that would make me come back is a very important cultural event.
......The only direct flight from Bucharest is Malev, but it's expensive. The cheaper but exhausting way is by bus/car to Targu Mures and then by Wizz Air to Budapest. But there are about 6 hours of driving from Bucharest to Tg Mures. It's ok when you go, but it seems twice as long when you get back.
......From Budapest airport to the city you can get by bus (about 8 euro/ticket) or by train (about 1.2 euro/ticket = 320 forint).
......The Parliament. Built on the banks of the Danube River, the Parliament building commands the skyline from both sides of the river. The prominence of the central dome is in fact built into law as no building in Budapest may exceed 96 meters in height - the height of the central cupola. Although the architecture has a renaissance appearance, the building was in fact completed only in 1904.

It can be visited. There are two tours at 12:00pm and 2:00pm. But you have to book in advance. The group can't be too lage.
The Parliament, the Chain Bridge and the Danube, seen from the Buda Hill.
The Chain Bridge

The funicular that goes up the hill. Move the money from oone pocket to the other and walk. The view is spectacular.

The Buda Castle, now a museum

The Buda Castle

Km O of Budapest
The Chain Bridge

The Danube

...... St Stephen's Cathedral. Like many places in Budapest, the outside of the St. Stephen's Basilica is in the process of being restored. And, like the Parliament Building, although it looks to be much older, this cathedral was only completed in 1905. The largest cathedral in Budapest, it suffered some damage in World War II but remained structurally intact and the interior (for the most part) has been restored to spectacular condition.

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