Il Barbiere di Siviglia - National Opera Bucharest-Bogdan Mihai-Oana Andra - 26.11.2009

Almaviva - Bogdan Mihai
Don Bartolo - Ştefan Schuller
Rosina - Oana Andra
Figaro - Iordache Basalic
Don Basilio - Pompeiu Hărăşteanu
Fiorello - Vasile Chişiu
Berta - Ruxandra Ispas
Sergentul - Ionuţ Gavrilă
National Opera Orchestra
Conductor - Ciprian Teodoraşcu
......It wasn't as lively as I would have liked it to be. I went because Bogdan Mihai was singing. They tried to make it funny. But funny it's not enough. It also has to be sung properly. Many times they were not together. I don't understand why the soloist make such a huge effort to be heard. I am better. No, I am better. And even a nice voice can turn into a screm when trying to do this. The orchestra was loud, as usual. They don't get that fast doesn't necessarely mean loud. Oh, and the rhythm was so fast sometimes that it was hard for the singers to follow. Bogdan Mihai made it through Cessa. Good for you!
Oana Andra
Pompei Harasteanu and Stefan Schuller

Bogdan Mihai

Bogdan MIhai and Oana Andra

Bogdan Mihai

Bogdan Mihai, Iordache Basalic and Oana Andra

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