Cecilia Bartoli-Barbican-London-24.11.2009

La Bartolissima
Il Giardino Armonico
Cecilia Bartoli mezzo-soprano

‘Sacrificium - La scuola dei castrati’
Nicolò Porpora Sinfonia from “Meride e Selinunte” Allegro
Nicolò Porpora "Come nave" aria of Siface from "Siface"
Antonio CaldaraProfezie, di me dicestearia of Sedecia from “Sedecia”
Nicolò PorporaIn braccio a mille furiearia of Mirteo from “Semiramide riconosciuta”
Nicolò Porpora Ouverture from “Germanico in Germania[Allegro] – Adagio – [Allegro]
Nicolò PorporaParto, ti lascio o caraaria of Arminio from “Germanico in Germania”
Francesco Maria Veracini Ouverture No. 6 g minor Allegro
Leonardo VinciCervo in boscoaria of Climaco from “Medo”
Leonardo LeoQual farfalla”, aria of Decio from “Zenobia in Palmira”
Francesco AraiaCadrò, ma qual si mira”, aria of Demetrio from “Berenice”
Nicolò Porpora "Usignolo sventurato", aria of Siface from "Siface"
Carl Heinrich Graun "Misero pargoletto", aria of Timante from "Demofoonte"
Francesco Durante Concerto per archi No. 2 g-minor Allegro affettuoso
Antonio CaldaraQuel buon pastor”, aria of Abel from the “componimento sacro” "La morte d’Abel"
Nicolò Porpora Ouvertures from Cantatas “Gedeone” and “Perdono, amata NiceAdagio – Spiritoso andante – Allegro
Leonardo VinciQuanto invidio la sorte… Chi vive amanteRecitative and aria of Erissena from “Alessandro nelle Indie”
Nicolò Porpora "Nobil onda" aria of Adelaide from "Adelaide"
Not too many words. She's unique in what she does. That's what made this evening so special. Part of the promotion tour for her latest album, Sacrificium, this concert made the serious Brits to give standing ovations in the end. And end that nobody wanted to face.
The music of the castrati is different. For many ears it is unusual. But for sure it's very difficult because of the length of the musical phrase. It seemed she was not breathing for many minutegs. How is that possible? Cecilia Bartoli answered this to one of the girls queuing for an autograph. She said she kept practicing, testing new things, trying this and that, practicing again. Her breath control is incredible.
......There were fast songs, with hundreds of notes per minute and slower songs full of passion and sadness. She not only sung but also lived the pieces. Either smiling and moving her eyes from left to right or being very serios, with her eyes closed, thinking of each word she uttered.
......This was the longest concert I've ever attended. and she was on stage singing about three thirds of it. This is what a solo concert should be. It lasted more than 2 hours and half (with a short interval included). I still can't believe I was there.
......The audience was the best possible. There was no sound in the hall while she was singing. I was afraid to move. everybody around me stood still. There were applauses after each piece and loud standing ovations in the end. I wish I could go back in time and listen to this from the beginning. It must have been exhausting for her. But she hasn't showed it. It was the most normal thing to do on stage.
These are the encores. The first one is Handel's Lascia la spina

......After the concert Cecilia Bartoli came to sign CDs and DVDs. People waited patientely in line. a looooooooooooooooong line. Long like 2 hours long. I waited for the end of the queue to come to me. I stayed there close to the table watching her. The line finished shortly after midnight. I don't know how she made it, but not for a moment she showed the sign of boredom. everybody got what they wanted. An autograph, a smile, a photo, a piece of advice. In English, Italian, French, Spanish. She's amazing twice. As artist and as person.
......I can say I'm lucky. I saw her twice this year. A recital in Barcelona (with Maria), in Spring and a concert in London. And I want to go listen to her again. Maybe next year for Norma in concert, in Dortmund, Germany.
And now enjoy the photos

At first there were two tables there. But she said the people are too far away. So one of the tables was taken away.


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  1. It's great to read that Bartoli was as great in London as she was in Amsterdam earlier this month. She really is one amazing artist (and person), and it's amazing how she manages to sing this taxing repertoire for an entire evening-filling programme.