Nabucco-Hungarian National Opera-Budapest-15.11.2009

Nabucco - Opera in four Acts
Composer Giuseppe Verdi
Librettist Temistocle Solera
Director András Mikó
Staged by ifj. Sándor Palcsó
Set Designer Lóránt Kézdy
Viktória Nagy
Costume Designer Judit Schäffer
Choreographer Lilla Pártay
Choir Master Máté Szabó Sipos
Conductor Török Géza
Nabucco Anatolij Fokanov
Ismaele Attila Wendler
Zaccaria László Szvétek
Abigaille Szilvia Rálik
Fenena Erika Gál
Il Gran Sacerdote di Belo Ferenc Valter
Abdallo Zsolt Derecskei
Anna Erika Markovics
......Budapest has a beautiful opera house. The Hungarian National Opera. Before going to Nabucco in the evening, I took the tour in the afternoon hoping that the guide would say something interesting. For 10 euros I didn’t find out anything I couldn’t have found on google. She rushed us through the corridors and halls. The only good thing was that the tour included stops in lojes …on both sides and the parterre. The curtain was up and the workers were putting up the sets for Nabucco. There was a lot of noise but they saw us and the iron curtain was dropped. But I still could see what you can’t see on stage when attending a performance. Some facts about the opera:
*The stage is 48 meters long, 28 meters wide and height.
*The pit can host up to 60 people and can be brought at the level of the stage for concerts
*The hall has about 1250 seats. When it was built the condition was to be smaller than the one in Vienna. And it is.
*It’s a traditional opera house, with red velvet seats, chandelier, official lodge and side stage lodges. After the opening Franz Joseph came only once. He didn’t want to return maybe because of jealousy. This opera house was more beautiful than the one in Vienna. His wife Sissy on the other hand loved this opera house and came back very often. Only that she was not allowed to sit alone in the official lodge. The presence of the king was required. So she chose another lodge. The one on the left side of the stage. This one doesn’t have a good view but for her it was more important to be seen there than watching the opera. Nowadays, only three people (and their guests) are allowed to sit in the official lodge: the president, the prime minister and the president of the Parliament. It remains closed if they don’t attend and it can’t be visited for safety reasons. But there’s not much to see. It’s like any other lodge only that the chairs are more confortable.
*Almost all the seats are good with some exceptions, up at the balcony. The left and rigt second and third row are side visibility or no visibility. I had one of those seats but I end up standing in a very good place. I’m kind of used with standing so it was ok.
*The best acoustics is up in the balcony
*The cheapest seats are 3 euro and the most expensive around 50 euro.
*they have about 15 different operas each season
......That’s about all you’ll find out. There’s no backstage tour so it’s better to buy a ticket to see an opera and visit the venue during the intermission than paying 10 euro for this tour.
......The Hungarian audience is as noisy as ours (meaning the Romanian one). All sorts of noises, from sparkling water bottles being opened, candy bags, mobile phones and talking. But I managed to ignore everything and enjoy the opera. There was nobody known to me among the singers. But I liked it a lot. Enjoyable voices, traditional sets and costumes and an amazing chorus that gave its best during the Slaves’ Chorus. There were so many ovations that I thought they might do it again.
......I’m so glad I went to see Nabucco.

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